About Us

How It Started


Started in 2011 by Deekah, aka "Mama Slop" and a group of Detroit black rock musicians who wanted a festival where rock musicians of color could all come together; the Cosmic Slop Music Festival is "where Motown meets Rock City."

Origins of the Name


Named for Funkadelic’s (aka Parliament/P Funk’s) classic 1973 album “Cosmic Slop,” the festival is the world’s only intentionally multicolored rock festival and the first of its kind in the Midwest. Founded in 2011 by Detroit musician, Deekah Wyatt and a group of African American Detroit musicians, “Cosmic Slop Festival” ran from 2011 to 2013 and became known as the one place for Black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Native Rockers across the U.S. to celebrate the music they love.

What's Next


In  2016, The Cosmic Slop Music Fest had an attendance of 400 people,  double that of 2013. Because there is no other festival of this kind in  the area, audience anticipation for another Slop Fest has been  undeniable. We outgrew the previous venue and have moved to The Tangent  Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom. We are expecting to double the amount  of attendees in 2017.  

2018 Festival Sponsors!

From the 2017 Festival

Roxolydian - "We Can't See"