Cosmic Slop Music Festival 2017

Date to be announced May 2017

About Us

How It Started

Spawned from one woman's dream to bare witness to a festival featuring artists who's racial makeup is just as diverse as the music they play; 

The Cosmic Slop Music Festival is where Motown meets Rock City.

Origins of the Name

Named for Funkadelic’s (aka Parliament/P Funk’s) classic 1973 album “Cosmic Slop,” the festival is the world’s only intentionally multicolored rock festival and the first of its kind in the Midwest. Founded in 2011 by Detroit musician, Deekah Wyatt and a group of African American Detroit musicians, “Cosmic Slop Festival” ran from 2011 to 2013 and became known as the one place for Black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Native Rockers across the U.S. to celebrate the music they love.

What's Next

The 2016 festival took place in Detroit's historic North End district and garnered coverage in Detroit's two daily papers, a local arts and culture magazine, as well as a mention on NBC affiliate, WDIV. The eclectic attendees included Detroit rock pioneers from the 70s and aspiring high schoolers as well as artists from Philladelphia, PA and New York City, NY.

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Cosmic Slop Music Festival is a unique musical experience. Rock music has a long history in the city of Detroit, and showcasing current Black, Latino and other rock musicians of color from that area provides an exciting opportunity to not only raise awareness of those artists, but uplift local communities. If you would like to explore the benefits of being a Cosmic Slop Music Festival sponsor, contact Cherrie Woods at for more information!

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